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Traditional food

Main area

Karume town

Introduction of cooking

A soup that serves as a staple food, with buckwheat noodles in the shape of willow leaves added to a soup containing plenty of mushrooms and vegetables. A willow with lots of ingredients was easily made as a nutrient source for winter and as a warm soup for the body. As we use chicken now, it is dish popular for young people.


(For 10 people) buckwheat flour 300g, cotton tofu 200g, lukewarm water 50cc, ginseng 80g, burdock 80g, radish 100g, shimeji seaweed 70g, frozen tofu 2 sheets, high vegetable pickles 60g, boiled 60g, miso soup 15 cup, miso 100g

How to make

1. Take buckwheat flour in a bowl, and add tofu crushed and 50cc lukewarm water. Make it as firm as an earlobe.

2. Divide the buckwheat noodles into two, place on a cutting board, thin and elongate into a stick, and cut into a thickness of 3rd place.

3. Boil the broth in water and take the broth. Ginseng, burdock, daikon radish is cut into strips, frozen tofu is cut into water, cut into 3 cm after pouring out the water.

4. Put vegetables and mushrooms in the soup and simmer. Once it is cooked, half of the miso is poured and boiled, add the sliced willow butt and simmer. Finally, add the remaining miso to finish.

5. When it is down from the heat, put frozen tofu and hot greens and it's done.

Cooking point

1. If you add tofu to buckwheat, it is soft and delicious.

2. The hardness when mixing buckwheat flour and tofu is careful to the hardness of the earlobe. You don't have to sleep for long.