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Introduction of cooking

It is a pickle made with plenty of seasonal vegetables, mainly cucumber.


Salted cucumber (desalted) ... 5 kg, carrots ... 5 to 6 in, gobo ... 2 in 2, kelp (stem kelp, simmered kelp is also acceptable) ... large bag 1, rooted ginger ... 500 g, chorogi ... 500 g ... 800g, Kikumo ... 500g, Shikonomi ... ... appropriate amount, red Nanban ... 3 seasonings, soy sauce ... 1.0 to 1.5 liters, jarred ... 1kg, mirin ... appropriate amount

How to make

1. Remove excess salt and finely chop cucumbers.

2. Ginseng, burdock root, root ginger, chrysanthemum chopsticks.

3. Cho-gi use thin-salted ones.

4. Seeds of the fruit that has been drained, take extra water properly.

5. Cut red Nanban into small pieces.

6. Mix all ingredients well and place in pickle barrels.

7. Put the combined seasoning liquid and weigh it.

You should eat for 10 weeks from 8.1 weeks.

Cooking point

1. The trick is to remove salted cucumbers.

2. Remove excess water.

3. The salted cucumbers are better harvested in August.

Ritsuko Goto's "processing pickled cucumber"

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Description Processing of cucumber Pickled product name "Kizamikko" 100 g 250 yen, There are various pickled vegetables of seasonal, such as pickled cucumber ・ pickled pickled cucumber ・ pickled cabbage of Chinese cabbage 100 g ¥ 100 each.