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Crisp shiitake mushroom marinated with shiitake mushroom powder.


Salted cucumber ... 2 kg (pickled cucumber with 20% salt), dried shiitake mushroom and shiitake powder ... 300 g, sugar ... 50 g, mirin ... 70 cc, sake ... 90 cc, 5 fold vinegar ... 3 drops

How to make

1. Make cucumbers salted. Mix 2 kg of cucumber with its 20% amount of salt, weigh 2 times the weight of cucumber, and soak it in a wooden barrel for about 4 months.

2. Take out 20 cucumbers and drain with running water for about 7 hours.

3. In order to get more moisture, put the drained cucumber in a mesh of colander etc, weigh for 3 to 4 hours and drain the water.

4. Add sugar, mirin, sake, and five times vinegar to the dried shiitake and shiitake powder and mix.

Pickled cucumber and drained alternately according to 5.3 and weigh.

6. Soaking in about 3 days in summer and about 1 week in winter.

Cooking point

1. In order to make the seasonings taste better, drain the cucumbers for 3 to 4 hours on a colander and drain.

2. After pouring out, adjust each amount of 4 by adjusting salting out of cucumber. Try eating cucumber and it's a bit salty.