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traditional Cousine

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Introduction of cooking

Two pieces of chicken egg-shaped bun in a bowl and poured hot soup. Tono's regional cuisine served to entertaining guests during the New Year's holiday and to blow off the cold of winter. Mainly eaten as a snack.


(10 servings: 20 pieces) Glutinous rice powder ... 500 g, Boiling water ... 400 cc, filtered rice cake ... 500 g (amount of azuki beans, fish cake required for 500 g of rice cake sprinkled: 163 grams of azuki beans, 240 grams of rice cake, 4 grams of salt)
※ "Rorus"
Backing off (a sieve-like device with a cloth, wire mesh, etc. put on a bend used to filter gold foil etc.)

How to make

1. Put glutinous rice flour in a bowl and pour boiling water while stirring with a boil. Boil the boiling water throughout the powder to improve the hardness of the earlobe to a strong skin.

Break the peel of 2.1 into a size of 30g and roll it by hand.

3. Roll one piece of rice cake into a size of 20 g and wrap it in 2 skins to make it into an egg shape.

4. Boil plenty of boiling water in the pan, put 3 "Jerian", heat at first with high heat, then with medium heat, low heat and heat control. It will be done if "Kerian" is floating. We recommend the whole soup in a bowl with chopsticks.

5. How to make the strain: Wash the red beans and soak in water overnight.

6. Put the boiled red water in a pot and simmer. After boiling, heat for about 10 minutes to stop the fire and cool naturally. Add water to the extent that the red beans are soaked and cook in a pan. Repeat this three times and cook gently.

7. Gently simmer the boiled red beans in a bamboo dish. In addition, make a fine squeezed squeezer tightly with a cotton bag that has been strained with "Rorus."

8. Put the chopsticks in a pot, add 1/3 of the amount of the sacké in 3 times and add salt at the end and cook over low heat. When the pot bottom is visible and scooped up with a spatula and the horns stand, stop the fire.

Cooking point

1. When kneading powder, stir in a whirlpool so that the boiling water is evenly distributed in the powder and stir well to give a good stirrup.

2. The cocoon is in the center, and the skin is shaped like an egg of uniform thickness. Stir the seams of the skin so that the cocoons do not stick out when raised.

3. When raising the heat, while adjusting the fire power to high heat, medium heat, low heat, finish the heat to the center of the skin plump.

4. After persimmon filtering with bamboo monkey, "Rossu" is further used to make fine persimmon of persimmon.

5. Boil the salmon with salt and boil it over low heat until the horns stand up when scooped with a spatula. Make it hard enough to make hard jade balls.

Keiko Nakayashiki's "Kerian"

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