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Introduction of cooking

A soup to be eaten with "Daishokee," which is to be served to God on the day of the Grand Lecture on November 24th. It has been passed down from generation to generation as one of the dishes of the Shogakkan, and it was received as a side dish. Put 7 kinds, 9 kinds, 11 kinds and odd tools for religious reasons.


(For 10 people) 200g of burdock, 200g of carrot, 8g of dried sardine, 200g of bracken, 200g of butterbur, 200g of mainspring, 130g of rabbit bean, 2g of baked tofu, 1 piece of konjac, 1g of potato

How to make

1. Boil the rabbit beans for a little bit.

2. Prepare dried shiitake mushrooms and water with spring water. Cut the chopsticks and fuki into lengths that are easy to eat.

3. Remove burdock, carrots and potatoes, respectively, and cut them into chopped or diced pieces.

4. Cook grilled tofu and konjac.

5. Add ingredients to the soup and simmer until tender.

6. Finally, season with grilled tofu and yuzu root with soy sauce.

Kawaguchi's Kikue's "Boiled Juice"

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Description It is a traditional dish of ingredients.

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