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Introduction of cooking

Add plenty of seasoning to the fresh sanma surimi, and the taste and taste of the sanma come out in the soup, and it becomes a good surimi soup with salted plum. Beach juice filled with oversized surimi.


(4-8 servings) Sesame (200g taken from the skin in three pieces), dain ... 250 g, carrot ... 40 g, egg ... 1 piece, tofu ... 200 g, miso ... 50 g, green onion ... 30 g, salt ... teaspoon 1/2, soy sauce ... 1 tablespoon, sake ... 2 tablespoons

How to make

1. Remove the skin from the saury, cut it into three pieces, and beat it with a mortar and mortar.

2. Add miso, egg, salt, soy sauce, sake, and more if you feel well.

3. Prepare daikon radish and carrots.

4. Cut tofu in a thick mash. Cut the green onion diagonally.

5. Boil 1.8 liters of water, simmered in minced fish paste with 20-30 g of dumpling (may be put in with a spoon etc.) and simmer.

6. ※ about 15 minutes. While simmering, the taste and taste of surimi are simmered in the soup.

7. Add vegetables and simmer until the vegetables soften, then add tofu and green onions to finish.

8. When you eat, if you add salty apricot nanban, the raw odor disappears, it is hot and delicious.

9. How to make sweet potato

10. 麹 1: soy sauce 1: half of nanban battered for more than 3 months

Cooking point

1. Using fresh saury, doing well in a mortar and boiling the surimi well are points of technology.

2. A variety of fish can be used, but in the case of sardines, use wheat flour as a binder (200 g of flour for 300 g of body), and in the case of bonito, add 100 cc of water without using a binder to adjust the firmness.

3. About the amount: The water of 1.8 liters of water is one unit when making, in the Sanriku region, even if there are few families, this amount is made, and it will be eaten in place, eat if it is left, and reheat and eat if it remains It is common.

Haruko Tanaka's "Sanma surimi soup"

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