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traditional Cousine

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Introduction of cooking

I made a surimi from the mountain woman taken in the Kisen river, and finished it with the handmade miso tailoring of Sumita. I would like you to taste the smell and flavor of the river fish.


(4 people) mountain woman ... 4 to 5 animals, potato powder ... appropriate amount, Sumida's freshly made miso ... appropriate amount, soup stock, kelp ... appropriate amount, egg ... appropriate amount, tofu ... 1/4 chopsticks, long leek ・ three leaves ... appropriate amount

How to make

1. The mountain girl takes the head, bones, intestines, and skin and makes it with a rub.

2. Add miso (1/4 tbsp) to surimi and mix, and adjust the firmness with egg, starch starch etc.

3. Dilute the soup stock in a pan with boiled seaweed, and boil the surimi with a spoon etc when it is boiling.

4. If the surimi is floating, reduce the heat, add the miso, add the tofu and prepare the taste, and stop the heat when it is boiling.

5. Fill in the bowl and sprinkle three leaves, long green onions etc. according to your preference.