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Certification year


Type of certification

traditional Cousine

Main area

Noda village

Introduction of cooking

Walnut, brown sugar, ginseng, rice powder dumpling wrapped in rice flour dumpling, boiled in mulberry seed. In the past, when the contradiction was extremely severe in Noda village, it was used for Shojin cuisine.


(12 servings) Glutinous rice powder ... 2 cups, water ... 160 cc, walnuts, brown sugar, mustard ... Proper soup stock ... 15 cups, salt ... 3 teaspoons, light soy sauce ... 5 tablespoons, shiitake ... small 12 pieces, vermicelli or some noodles ... 30 g, Mitsuba, flower bud ... As needed 5 cups of broth (5 cups of water, 10 cm cubes of kelp, 1 cup of bonito section)

How to make

1. Knead glutinous rice flour with water to make it soft like earlobe. Spread it in a circle in the palm of a hand, wrap it in a walnut, brown sugar, mustard and make it into an egg shape, and make it a "jewel" (chicken egg).

Put 2.1 in boiling water and boil.

3. Make the soup and prepare the taste with salt and soy sauce.

4. Pour hot soup into the bowl and add jellium, boil shiitake mushroom, honey beet and flower buds. At this time, decorate the vermicelli around the chasm and make it appear as a bird's nest.

Cooking point

1. Be careful of the hardness when kneading the powder.

2. Always put walnuts and brown sugar, but when making it for children, you may remove the mustard.

3. The traditional way of making glutinous rice flour is used, but white ball flour can be substituted.

4. The soup stock is now taken with kombu and katsuobushi, but I heard that in the old days when it was strictly cooked as Shoshin dish, it used onions and dried fish.

Ms. Kitada Hakurei (Warney) 's "Kerian"

Contact information Noda village character Noda 28-7

Telephone 0194-78-2688

Description A dumpling of dumplings with mustard, walnuts and brown sugar.

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