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traditional Cousine

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Introduction of cooking

A traditional dish that makes good use of the traditional "Toshida no Mushi". A soup that contains ingredients such as ginseng burdock in a bowl


(For 4 people) Potatoes ... 150 g, 1/2 ginseng, 1/2 burdocks ... 1/3 burdocks ... 3 g of sweet potato (or fried) ... 50 g, hijiki ... 40 g, nameko ... 30 g, potato starch ... 120 g, bonito soup ... 4 cups, mirin ... 4 tablespoons soy sauce ... 2 tablespoons salt ... a little bit

How to make

1. Hijiki boiled in water, carrots, burdock, sauteed shredded vegetables softly seasoned with soy sauce, mirin, and cooled while draining.

2. Boil the whole potato and make it into a moi. I smash it by hand, add salty flavor, connect it with starch powder, and spread it to make "Dango" skin. Put on starch, but be careful not to apply too much.

In the skin made in 3.2, put 1 in such a way that the contents do not stick out, make Daifuku and make dumplings.

4. To heat bonito soup, season with salt and soy sauce, add 3 dumplings, and add omeko at the end.

Cooking point

1. Taro smashed while it is hot, and be careful not to put over starchy starch on the skin of dumplings. Wrap so that the tool does not come out of the skin.

2. Traditionally, it is eaten as Shojin dish (soy and tofu) and New Year's Day and festive dish (shrimp and fish) by using a tool put in a potato dumpling. (In the past, when there was no food (rice), it used to be something you put in with some good food.)

3. It will become a sticky bush because it grows slowly in the fertile soil of the Tonan area (especially around Tushida). It is also a culinary dish with its tenacity.

Tamura Atsuko's "Rimo Imo soup"

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