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traditional Cousine

Main area


Introduction of cooking

Boiled with plenty of homemade grilled tofu.


(For 4 people) 2 pieces of grilled tofu, 1 medium carrot, 4 small burdocks, 4 small shiitake mushrooms, 500 g of Japanese butterbur (salted), 500 g of warabi (salted), 3 of potatoes, half of konjac, 1 chikuwa, 2 pieces of sweet potato, Boiled and dried 20 tails, Dashi kelp, 5 bottles, soy sauce (dark mouth) 1 tablespoon, 1 tablespoon mirin, 1 tablespoon sake

How to make

1. Boiled tofu, the point of simmering, is prepared by roasting and baking the tofu the day before. Stir-fry, boil with salt and cut into 5 to 6 cm.

2. Carrot, burdock cut into pieces, and burdock exposed to water to remove it. Cut potatoes in half and chamfer them.

3. Wash the kelp well and keep it tied.

4. Cut chicken skewers and skewers.

5. Boiled in a pot and make soup with kelp. Put burdock in the soup stock and simmer.

6. After boiling, add the remaining vegetables, tofu, season with soy sauce a little, and then add chikuwa and sweet potato fry.

7. Simmer for 40 minutes on low heat.

8. Season with sake, mirin, etc. for finish and simmer for 15 minutes.

Cooking point

1. If it is boiled for too long, the taste will be so cold that if the vegetables are soft and tastey, stop the heat and leave it in the soup for about 30 minutes.

2. How to make grilled tofu From the time of fresh tofu, put a bite in the water, make the tofu a little bit firmer, simmer it in a broom and bake with charcoal.