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Pseudonym reading Morioka station
Specified type Country designation
Type Historic site
Designated date April 17, 1937
Specified details
location Morioka city circle
owner Outside Morioka City
Holding group
Management organization Morioka City Central Public Hall
home page Iwate's Cultural Information Encyclopedia (Iwate Castle / Hall: Morioka Castle)


It is the castle of Mr. Nambu built using the hills on the north shore of Kitakami River and the north shore of Nakatsu River.
Tenshin 19 (1591), Toyotomi Hideyoshi sent out generals and defeated Kuchinoshi Masami who was standing in Kubota Castle and achieved national reunification.
At that time, the southern part Nobunao was supplied with Waga, Kinnuki and Shinami by Gong, and the area expanded to the south.
It is reported that Hideyoshi's warlord Asano Nagamasa and others of the return of the Kuchinohe Battle suggested that he should move from here to here.
This place has been called "Kozukata" since ancient times, and there were two hills of the South Hall and the North Hall, but it is said that the construction of the castle was cut down on the North Hall and proceeded to the South Hall.
The construction of the castle was planned by the southern part Nobunao, but the construction was built by the 27th generation Tonao.
On the way, it was damaged due to water damage etc. and its completion was delayed, and the castle was decided at the time of the 29th heavy trust.
With the construction work to switch over the former Kitakami River River Road in 1673, the Ishigaki construction of the bank covering the Ninomaru, Sanno Maru side hips, and the Kiriyama belt was completed, and it became the whole of Morioka Castle.
The castle is made up of Honmaru, Ninomaru, Sanomaru and other rings, and the stone wall surrounding the main area is stacked with granite from Morioka to make a beautiful Ishizumi.